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People have become successful before. People become successful all the time. They all have followed a blueprint to achieve this success. In this inspiring self-help book, the author reveals this success blueprint, and explains how to apply it to one’s own life. Despite a person’s current standing, anyone can be wealthy and successful, if they simply follow the blueprint.

The blueprint will help any person move upwards, from each bracket of life, such as; less wealthy to wealthy, unhealthy to healthy, loneliness to love, and depression to hope. It is a complete step by step guide book which reveals the path to a person’s dream life.

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Dilan De Silva has been in pursuit of an international leadership career from an early stage of his life. Dilan has worked, studied, and lived in USA, Europe, and many countries in Asia and the Middle-East.  Dilan is a world citizen. He was born in Sri Lanka to an Eurasian bloodline, and now lives between Australia and New Zealand.

Dilan has put the blueprint concepts to the test with people, and their organizations, throughout his training and leadership roles for more than twenty years, before writing this book. The learning concepts have been tested in various cultures, traditions, value systems, (and most importantly) people from different social standards. The blueprint   concept has empowered many lives.

Dilan spends his time as a success coach, entrepreneur, ‘change’ advocate, motivational speaker, and being a family man.  He is on a mission to pass on a message to all people around the world. That message being that; “It is possible!”

The Book Sample

People have become successful before. People become successful all the time. There is a blueprint and this book reveals it. The book contains 270 pages of life changing material, which is Inspirational, and relevant to you.

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People have become successful before,. People become successful all the time. There is a blueprint and this audiobook reveals it. Approximately 10 Hours of life changing content.

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  • You are the most amazing person, and may you get all things you ever desired for the inspiration you have given us. You have always stood tall and influenced us to do better. We have been enjoying all your programmes, specially the coaching has changed my life. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Hyacinth Zain

  • A brilliant distillation of the personal and well researched behaviours that produce extraordinary results. This is material that can change your life and way of thinking. Its ideas and Dilans great coaching have changed mine. I must say that these are the most riveting talks that I’ve had the honor of hearing in a long time. It is a mix of motivation and inspiration rolled into one. It shows you a concept to find your own path for a satisfying life.

    Krishan Ambawatte

  • Dilan brings the self-help genre up to date with this interesting and easy to read book. Classics by Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill guided and encouraged millions seeking wealth and success. Blueprint offers twenty-first century guidance and exercises to readers who are determined to succeed in today’s tough environment.

    Larry Detrich

  • The Blueprint is a fantastic read! A very well written, thought provoking book. It’s practical, spiritual and applicable. A must read book for anyone who would like to create some change in their life.

    Julie Madden

  • In this book, Dilan helps us identify ways in which we are sabotaging ourselves and keeping ourselves from the lives we dream about. Rather than allowing us to believe that we are victims of forces outside our control, Dilan demonstrates how we can examine our lives and become more successful in our endeavours. The tone is passionate and inspiring.

    Sami Abhayagunawardena