Entreprnures have used street-smart tactics to achive success. The street-smart success learning concept is based off these tactics. Dilan De Silva has met with, understudied or worked with hundreds of entrepreanures with the objective of learning these tactics. “I discovered a pattern or fundamentals that are commonly practiced by these entreprenures. All I have done is grouped this common pattern to five easy to digest and learnable steps”, says Dilan. These are proven tactics and are tactics used by prople who have already achived success.

  • Dilan delivers key-note speeches on street-smart success at various forums and platforms
  • Dilan delivers 1/2 day, 1 day or 2 day training workshops for various organizations who are striving for success

Dilan De Silva’s street-smart success is combined with the very powerful street-smart negotian skills programme delived by David Furgeson. Dilan and David are a powerful combination which creates winning sales and leadership teams.

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